We provide catering services for all types of events and occasions:

We can work out of our vans for instance at Barn or Tent Weddings with no kitchen.

We can bring water for drinks, extra refrigeration, etc if not available at event.

We have several grills for grill parties.

We have a very unique VW grill trailer for events where there will be kids, car events, etc. A grill on one end and half a 70’s Beetle on the other end that guests can set in and get their picture taken. The VW came from Gadzooks at the Monroeville Mall where it hung off the wall 10 feet high.

We have a professional experienced staff to help plan and manage your event onsite. Our staff who works at events are also mature professionals. Typically we dress in all black with company logo shirts so that we blend into the background. If your event is a “themed” event, let us know and we can discuss our attire.